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- Promotion & Marketing for Food & Drink

We work every day in order to show and promote food and beverages from Europe, to a very large number of markets around the world. Over 40 promoting projects for the whole range of industry all over the world for business and professional organizations from five countries-members of the European Union.

- Export Advisory - Developing new markets -

We have developed a solid network of partners around the world and make constantly monitoring of the trends and evolutions, we record the possibilities and the opportunities, identify the challenges and the weaknesses, offering constantly updated and comprehensive information to our customers.



-communication strategy-

Nowadays communication is the alpha and omega of entrepreneurship. The way we communicate, the type of communication and its intensity are key control points that every business should analyze thoroughly. Originality, innovation, uniqueness, persistence, continuity and consistency must characterize the communication strategy and these features underlying our approach. With Economotechniki LTD your communication is our business.



- Business Development

The business development process as the main issue of the economic entities in all areas. Whether it is a new business effort in which a number of strategic options should be identified and implemented, whether it is an existing business that is facing new challenges. Economotechniki LTD Η can support your development efforts by providing scientific and rational analysis, professional approach and specialized development services.


- Consulting services of funding -

Welcome to Marketing Department! With many years of experience, our team creates, plans, implements strategic development projects, adapted and effective in any business and organization, worldwide. The ATL and BTL activities, technology, network, new resources are our main tools and we use them skillfully on the relevant market. Just try us!